Drone for Christmas!

Some of you might know that I just got my boyfriend (@bigroh) a DJI Phanton 3 this Christmas. What ya'll (including him) didn't know is that this drone is what we call " a together gift". A gift that we can both use/play with and benefit from. Roh doubles as my personal photographer. If any of you follow my snapchat, you'd know we're always out exploring.

Long story short - the weather in New Jersey has been absolutely terrible since Christmas and our work schedules haven't really allowed us to test out the drones full capabilities just yet until now. He went out yesterday & took what I think are the most epic photos. Flying as high as 300ft he was able to capture a picture of the sunset over the Bayonne Bridge. 

Now that I've pretty much shown off this epic photo to everyone at work and sent it to my mom as her new cellphone screen background, I thought I'd share it with ya'll. I'm proud of my man! Haha.

He also created his very first video recap of his flight. Give my man a view - share with some friends. Also, any & all feedback/recommendations or even ideas on what you'd like to see would be appreciated. Check out the video below.