Friday Flash Back - Married With Children

During the recent Snow Blizzard "Jonas" that hit us here in New Jersey, my delirium practically reached peak levels. With that being said - I searched for nearly an hour to find something entertaining. I'm more of the binge watcher type, so all those Netflix series have already been watched and got me waiting for the newest uploads like a kid waiting for Santa. Needless to say, I stumbled back upon Married With Children.

Considering how this show started airing in 1987, and I was born in 1988... I'm shocked at how much I remember this from my childhood. I literally remember turning off the lights in my room, pretending to go to sleep and turning the TV back on after I heard my parents shut their bedroom door. Haha!

Now that I'm 27 and working at a sneaker store - rewatching these episodes are hilarious! The way Al Bundy is mad at everyone who doesn't know their shoe size is something I can totally relate to! The way that Kelly and Bud bicker back & forth is something I would do with my brother. Just everything is a million times funnier now that I'm grown and more understanding.

Who used to watch this show? I can't be alone on this! I included a YT highlight of some of Al's best insults. Watch below and have a few laughs.