Ode to Female Sneaker Fiend

I remember a time when I felt as if I was the only girl out there with a hawk eye obsession for some dope kicks. The days when I was called a tomboy in school because I had all the Jordan's. I also remember the countless conversations with family members asking to stop purchasing so many sneakers because I only had 2 feet, or this idea of a dream job I've created is something non-existing. Boy, how wrong was all of that!

I remember in 2007, I was already on the ISS forums - but that was about it. A friend I had met on there named Lindz told me about Female Sneaker Fiend, otherwise known as FSF. She was an admin on the forums on their site. She explained to me how nice all the ladies were, and that they had meet-up's at one of the girls (CMS - Hi-Top Studios) sneaker stores in Fort Lauderdale. Lindz, might not have known it at the time but she gave me one of the best gifts anyone ever could with just passing on the word.

Before I knew it, I was attending these local Female Sneaker Fiend meet up's. I joined SneakerPlay short after, where I found out that there was an even bigger group of FSF'ers in NYC. 

My curiosity to travel & meet the rest of the ladies grew instantly. StephG took me in at first, and allowed me to stay in her house a million times - going to parties to meet the rest of the ladies. This was such a different time. A time of unfiltered, purely genuine togetherness.  

I've met my best friends through sneakers, I've created bonds with women that have became my sisters through Female Sneaker Fiend.

Lori, who is the creator, is the worlds most kindest, caring & most boss lady person I've ever met! She's the only person in my life I would consider a mentor. There hasn't been a time that she hasn't tried her best to advise and guide me in any situation I've brought her way. Not only is she the OG' Female Sneaker Fiend, but she is owed endless amounts of love for creating this platform allowing the ladies to be heard.

She truly changed up the game. She carved the path for us to have our loud & proud voices to be heard in this male dominated culture. I'm forever thankful to her.

The friendships I've created with these ladies is something that could never be duplicated. From actually being roommates with CMS for a while, being Karina's maid of honor in her wedding, taking countless trips with Chef & Yarelis, having some type of encrypted conversations with Fee randomly and the millions of memories with all the ladies at all of the sneaker shows these past 9 years. Traveling to Chicago and having Maria show us how to juke. Haha. Always remembering both of our angels Brenda & Cristina. <3

All this, and I'm still not done. FSF also gave me one of the best opportunities to this date. Being a featured photographer for our Girls Got Kicks book. Putting all my loves in one, traveling meeting awesome people & being able to say we're an all female published book! 

I don't have enough words to express my gratitude and thankfulness of being a part of this. So one time for all the Female Sneaker Fiends, the ones I mentioned, the ones I missed & the ones that are still to come.