"NJ THRU THE LENS" - Rohan Barrett first photo gallery.

Finally had the pleasure of seeing Roh's work printed, framed, hanging on a wall and being admired. What a time to be alive! It definitely took some work to make this happen but it was a great experience for the both of us. For me, as a supportive/pushy girlfriend who wants to see her man succeed. For him, as an artist, as a photographer to finally have the courage to put his stuff on display & have a successful night.

I know I sent hella thank you text messages to everyone who was able to come to the event but I want to stress my gratitude. The love & support was too real. Special thanks to Sneaker Room for allowing us to use the store to be a part of JC Fridays.

Also, for those who weren't able to make it but would still like to purchase some photography just search his IG or website and everything is available for print! /shameless plug ends here/