I know it's not #ThrowBackThursday but I'm going to embarrass myself and post some of my old sneaker pics. 

Without trying to sound super old, I grew up on the Penny Hardaway craze thanks to my older brother. Then I remember Iversons, Cortez, and Air Max Plus in middle school and then by the time I started working & getting my own money in high school... it was over. I was basically buying everything I liked! Jordans and Nike SB was super hot back then.

I was thinking about the days when I first started posting on ISS (the solecollector forum), FSF, and Sneaker Play. Boy, my photos were TERRIBLE! But back then, it wasn't about the photos. IT WAS ABOUT THE SHOES! 

These days, I gotta plan strategically what I'm wearing and where I'm going to take the photo. Different angles of the same shoe, whole full body outfit shots and don't you dare forget about the video clips! Instagram made us into photographers & cinematographers without us even realizing it.

Look at these pictures below and cringe with me.